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Sow Thistle: Versatile Wild Green

It sure doesn’t look very appetizing. The name won’t arouse your palate either, but sow thistle (Sonchus oleraceus) makes a tasty salad or cooked green. Sonchus is Greek for hollow (referring to the stems) and oleracea means vegetable or herb-like. … Continue reading

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Calm your sore throat

Slippery elm, (Ulmus rubra), is a medium sized tree found over nearly all of the eastern United States. It favors moist soils and is quite tolerant of flooding. The best place to find slippery elm is on the edge of … Continue reading

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Enjoy what you do – It’s certainly true for writing

When I was in school I hated to write.  Likely the biggest reason was that I hated what I had to write about.  Being forced to do something tends to lower the quality of ones output.  I don’t consider myself … Continue reading

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Long Live the Beech

You’re probably familiar with the word beechnut, but likely your first thoughts pertain either to smokeless tobacco, baby food or chewing gum. American beech (Fagus grandifolia) is one of our more common trees and yes, the nuts are edible. Small … Continue reading

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