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Plants define our environment

I’ve lived my life in basically three different regions. My first 22 years were spent in northeast Maine. I’ve lived my last 22 years in northeast North Carolina. In between, I lived in north-central West Virginia. Certain plants endear me … Continue reading

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Hard copies of Never Alone are now available on Amazon.com.

The book has not been fully released yet. Electronic versions are not yet available and it’s not up on the Barnes and Noble site as of today. I figure within another month all versions will be available. Well, it’s been … Continue reading

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Have I ever told you how much I love October?

October is my favorite month. Air temperatures begin to drop into a comfortable range but the water is still warm. Usually in October here in eastern North Carolina I can go the whole month without using the heat or air … Continue reading

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Aromatic tree from down under

I recently pruned my eucalyptus tree (Eucalyptus polyanthemos) at school. It has grown into a gorgeous specimen in the last ten years or so. Several times I’ve been tempted to buy a stuffed koala to stick in its branches and … Continue reading

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Where have all the generalists gone?

Centuries ago everyone was a generalist. People had to grow their own food, fix their own tools, doctor their animals and to a large extent, themselves. The industrial revolution changed much of that and urbanization naturally made us more specialized. … Continue reading

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The holiday season is upon us again and familiar goodies abound on store shelves. Mixed nuts have always been a favorite of mine ever since I was a kid. I always enjoyed cracking them and extracting the sweet meat. Pecans, … Continue reading

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Take a walk on the edge of the woods in the fall, particularly near an old cemetery or abandoned landscape. Your eyes will likely zone in on some iridescent purple to magenta berries. They encircle the stems in clusters and … Continue reading

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