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It pays to condition your houseplants before bringing them inside

Cooler weather is approaching and it’s time to think about preparing your houseplants for their return to the inside. Tropical plants thrive outdoors during summer. Sometimes they get too accustomed to those conditions. When that happens they struggle when brought … Continue reading

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Mums are a great fall addition and they come in many colors

It’s October and it seems everyone wants mums. Some want them for parties. Others like them on their porches. Still others add them to flowerbeds. Mums add profuse color to any setting. Common colors are: white, yellow (the most common … Continue reading

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Even mean old roosters have a good use.

I know what you’re thinking. They can go in the stew pot. That’s true, but most of those bony old devils don’t even make good fricassee.  They’re great on a fishhook though. When I was a teenager I was a … Continue reading

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