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We must be careful when fertilizing lawns and shrubbery

It seems I constantly get asked these two questions. “When should I fertilize my yard and how much do I need to use?” There’s no cookie cutter response to that one. In general, fertilizer should only be applied during or … Continue reading

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Fall Clematis is a vigorous white vine that’s easy to grow

I drove to the beach two weekends ago and saw huge expanses of white flowers along the roadside through Tyrrell and Dare Counties. I recognized the vine immediately, but it has been a long time since I traveled that stretch of road … Continue reading

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Keeping game from spoiling is an important hunting skill

Hunting season is fast approaching. In fact, dove and Canada goose seasons are already in, and I hope hunters can thin those resident geese out a little. Whitetail deer archery season opens this weekend. I never seem to find the … Continue reading

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North Carolina is home to many carnivorous plants

Last week I profiled the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula). Most folks are familiar with that one, but there are several more insect consuming plants in our locale. We don’t often encounter them since they usually live in wet boggy areas. … Continue reading

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