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Hummingbirds can be lured to shady places

Last week I profiled some sun loving plants that attract hummingbirds. This week I’ll discuss my favorite shade dwellers that hummingbirds adore. There aren’t as many, since producing flowers requires energy. There’s less sunlight, so usually that means less spectacular … Continue reading

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Hummingbird attractants for sunny places

People often ask me which plant attracts hummingbirds best. That certainly depends. Sun vs shade is usually my first response. Annual or perennial is the next. For this piece I’ll concentrate on sun loving plants. My favorite sun loving annuals … Continue reading

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New versions of Never Alone are now available

The eBook version of Never Alone can now be obtained by Kindle and Nook enthusiasts. In the Elizabeth City area it can also be purchased in the gift shop at the Museum of the Albemarle. Please let people know they … Continue reading

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