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Harsh winter weather sure isn’t confined to our backyards

We’ve had quite a rough stretch of winter weather here in eastern North Carolina. Sometimes years go by when we don’t see temperatures in the teens let alone the single digits.  Combined with severe winds this has caused problems for … Continue reading

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Do robins really signal spring?

Two weeks ago I overheard two people in the grocery store commenting that spring must be here since they saw so many robins in their yards. When I was a kid the first robin of the year was always a … Continue reading

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We all love those finicky gardenias

Perhaps there is no better shrub to plant near a partially shaded deck or patio. Some people love the copious display of white flowers. Others adore the aroma. Still others appreciate the dark glossy foliage. Together with magnolias, crape myrtles … Continue reading

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Even an old yellow tabby cat deserves some respect

I have an old yellow tabby cat. I never had him neutered until he was about five-years-old. In the meantime he was king of the neighborhood and spread his genes around. About a month ago he turned ten. Despite his … Continue reading

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