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Lily of the valley is a blast from my past

When I was young, my grandfather had a huge patch of these tiny fragrant white flowers all around his house. I used to pick them and place them in jars to bring some aroma inside. Nobody ever cautioned me about … Continue reading

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Carolina jessamine provides winter color and privacy

It’s so hard to find landscaping with winter interest. Once mid-December hits and freezing temperatures are commonplace, most fall foliage color is gone. Very few flowers and flowering shrubs are blooming either. Carolina jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) still manages to display … Continue reading

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Vinca vines are tough and beautiful but can be invasive

Few ground covers can fill any area as effectively as periwinkle vine.  There are actually two species commonly used and both have prolific bluish purple flowers. Both also have the ability to spread where they aren’t wanted. Lesser periwinkle (Vinca … Continue reading

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Fall Clematis is a vigorous white vine that’s easy to grow

I drove to the beach two weekends ago and saw huge expanses of white flowers along the roadside through Tyrrell and Dare Counties. I recognized the vine immediately, but it has been a long time since I traveled that stretch of road … Continue reading

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Clematis fills a niche but is often difficult to establish

Well established clematis vines are breathtaking when in bloom. Large showy flowers can adorn a mailbox, fence or lamp post and bring it alive. Hundreds of cultivars are available in a cornucopia of colors, sizes and blooming seasons. The problem … Continue reading

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Horse nettle is a toxic tomato imposter

Anyone with a vegetable or flower garden has probably encountered a prickly weed with white to pale purple flowers with yellow centers. If plants are not removed from their location these flowers develop into yellow fruits resembling cherry tomatoes. This … Continue reading

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Sometimes pretty things should be left alone. The buttercup fits that description. It’s very recognizable and grows everywhere. Every spring, young kids pick these attractive yellow flowers with five petals and play with them. I remember holding them under each … Continue reading

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