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Pruning tips

This is a subject folks frequently ask me. The following is rather simplistic, but important none the less. Pruning is a chore all gardeners must perform. Many folks avoid it, and results are seldom pretty. There are several reasons we … Continue reading

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Reblooming azaleas are popular and easy to maintain

Azaleas and nearly all spring-flowering shrubs and trees need to be pruned soon after flowering. A new fold has developed in recent years. Reblooming azaleas bloom in spring and fall. So what do we do? First of all, any necessary … Continue reading

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There are three types of kiwis and we can grow them all here in eastern North Carolina

Nearly everyone is familiar with the fuzzy green fleshed kiwi fruits (Actinidia deliciosa)  in grocery stores. Their taste is sweet and tart at the same time. The flavor reminds me of blackberries. Best of all, kiwi vines grow well in … Continue reading

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Winter can be a good time to prune certain trees and shrubs

Pruning is an important task to perform on our landscaping. Too often it is done in an untimely manner. Many folks prune their trees and shrubs based on convenience instead of what is in the best interest of the plants. … Continue reading

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Reclaiming those old apple trees

Perhaps you’ve let your fruit trees go or maybe bought some old farmland with an overgrown orchard on it. Maybe your hunting land has old trees that aren’t productive anymore. Whatever the case, you might have thought about renovating them. … Continue reading

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