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Planning your home garden can be complicated

Designing a productive and aesthetically pleasing garden can be complicated. Doing it correctly involves more than placing a seed in the ground, watering it and watching a corn plant come up. We must determine what our goals are. If you … Continue reading

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Flowers have critical temperature requirements, too

Last week I discussed temperature requirements for different vegetable crops. Flowers are not all the same either. Some hardy annuals like pansies are usually planted in the fall around here. They tolerate cold soils and temperatures below freezing. Snapdragons aren’t … Continue reading

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So, when do we plant?

I hear that question so often. The obvious answer is another question; what do you want to plant? Things can get complicated. Shrubs and trees can be planted pretty much any time the ground isn’t frozen. Dormant perennials can usually … Continue reading

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Here in the south, fall is a great time to landscape

We are all accustomed to planting in the spring. There are many reasons for this, but is it really the best time for long term plant survival? I guess that depends on a lot of things. There is no easy … Continue reading

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Winter lawns in eastern North Carolina – Green or brown

Around here we have two options for lawns. What determines them is the amount of work entailed and when we have the most time for it. Different grass species have different growth requirements. Warm-season species like Bermudagrass, St. Augustine or … Continue reading

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Believe it or not, vegetable garden season is just around the corner

It’s almost March. Don’t let this winter weather dampen your spring gardening plans. In eastern North Carolina you’ll be out working the soil before long. Just remember to plan and don’t try to do too much too soon. Invest in … Continue reading

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