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Elephant ears make an interesting addition to your garden bed

Elephant ears (Colocasia sp.) are that plant with the huge heart-shaped leaves that look like they belong in a tropical rainforest. That’s probably because they do. They are native to Southeast Asia. These peace lily and caladium relatives are one … Continue reading

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Four o’clock flowers are beautiful and hard to remove

When I was in graduate school I lived in a hillside apartment that had beautiful four o’clock flowers in the front yard. They came in different colors, mostly bright pink to magenta, and they self-seeded themselves every year. I liked … Continue reading

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Poppies are an old time finicky favorite

I often get asked about raising poppies. In my opinion they are among the most beautiful flowers.  However, most types are difficult to establish, especially the large flowered types. I’ve seen clumps of poppies that were far older than me, … Continue reading

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