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It pays to condition your houseplants before bringing them inside

Cooler weather is approaching and it’s time to think about preparing your houseplants for their return to the inside. Tropical plants thrive outdoors during summer. Sometimes they get too accustomed to those conditions. When that happens they struggle when brought … Continue reading

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Now is a good time to clean those pests off your houseplants

Most people don’t like to spray pesticides inside their homes. I don’t blame them. I do like houseplants but so don’t certain insects and other critters. Sometimes we can use soil applied granular chemicals, but some people with pets are … Continue reading

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We all love those finicky gardenias

Perhaps there is no better shrub to plant near a partially shaded deck or patio. Some people love the copious display of white flowers. Others adore the aroma. Still others appreciate the dark glossy foliage. Together with magnolias, crape myrtles … Continue reading

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You’ve got to love those ladybugs

A little girl came by the greenhouses with her parents this past weekend, excited about seeing some ladybugs. She thought they were pretty, but she didn’t know whether she wanted them on her plants. I told her they were one … Continue reading

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