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Solving plant problems requires knowing what the enemy is

A couple weeks ago somebody brought me a Ziploc bag full of blueish gray bugs with orange stripes and spots on them. He told me they were killing his crape myrtles. Many of the leaves were falling prematurely. He also … Continue reading

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Persimmons aren’t always what you think

I’m a big fan of wild persimmons (Diospyros virginiana). I try to hit the woods this time of year and procure a good mess of them. Sometimes the deer and other animals beat me to it. Wild fruit are seedy … Continue reading

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Winterberry Holly is a striking deciduous shrub

Too often people choose not to include shrubs that lose their leaves when landscaping their homes. They want their grounds to be green all year. I agree that landscaping should enhance property during all seasons, but there are some deciduous … Continue reading

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We all love those finicky gardenias

Perhaps there is no better shrub to plant near a partially shaded deck or patio. Some people love the copious display of white flowers. Others adore the aroma. Still others appreciate the dark glossy foliage. Together with magnolias, crape myrtles … Continue reading

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Persimmons – Sweet Gems of the Fall

The persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) is one of the true delicacies of the southeastern states.  They grow as far north as southern Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and west to east Texas and Oklahoma.  We are in the … Continue reading

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