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Does anyone remember horehound candy?

When I was young I remember eating this strange hard candy. A few of my elderly newspaper customers usually had it around. Whenever I had a cough, this one lady always gave me some. You’re supposed to suck on the … Continue reading

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Turmeric is more than a bright yellow spice

Turmeric is an herb likely not in most people’s spice racks, at least by itself. Curry powder is roughly 50% turmeric. Mustard owes much of its yellow color to turmeric. I like to use turmeric in most relishes and pickles … Continue reading

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Plants can’t get much more unique than the ginkgo tree

Some botanists call them living fossils. Ginkgo biloba is the only species remaining from a Division of plants that went extinct thousands of years ago. It is one of the most primitive plants still in existence, but it thrives in … Continue reading

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Flowering Quince is an old time favorite

Despite this recent cold weather, spring is on its way. Many of the flowering trees and shrubs are budding and some are even blooming. There’s a beautiful flowering quince in my neighborhood that’s already showing lots of color. Its clusters … Continue reading

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