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Some native plants sound good but have huge downside

I walked around my yard recently and realized certain plants are taking over my landscaping. Most of the culprits are woody vines. Most are also native species and natives are all the rage right now. Just because a plant is … Continue reading

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Bull thistle sure is tough like a bull

You’ve probably seen that tall spiny plant with purple flowers along the roadside. Sometimes the flowers are yellow. It’s called bull thistle and related to the artichoke. Playing ball in a pasture field teaches kids to learn to identify this … Continue reading

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Yellow nutsedge is a noxious weed but it has real potential

Yellow nutsedge is one of the most despised weeds of our flower and vegetable gardens. Eradicating it from your property is almost impossible. Pull it all out and more plants show up within days. Most people refer to it as … Continue reading

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When it comes to plants one’s trash is another’s treasure

A weed to one person can be a beautiful flower or table delicacy to someone else. I can think of numerous plants that fit that bill. It seems every season of the year is full of examples. Sometimes we even … Continue reading

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