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Cast iron plant is tough inside and out

I run into so many people who love houseplants but just don’t have enough light for them. It’s also difficult to find plants that will truly thrive in the shade outdoors. Cast iron plant is one that can do both … Continue reading

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Ironweed is a dreaded pasture weed with ornamental potential

My father-in-law would turn over in his grave. Ironweed is now a highly promoted ornamental perennial plant in many garden centers. He spent much of his life trying to get rid of it. Ironweed (Vernonia sp.) is a tall perennial … Continue reading

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Yellow nutsedge is a noxious weed but it has real potential

Yellow nutsedge is one of the most despised weeds of our flower and vegetable gardens. Eradicating it from your property is almost impossible. Pull it all out and more plants show up within days. Most people refer to it as … Continue reading

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Wetland foraging – River cane is a useful resource

A while ago a gentleman visited me and asked me about useful swamp plants. I realized that I hadn’t given this ecosystem much ink. I’ve written about cattails and alligator weed some time ago, but not much recently. We have two common native species … Continue reading

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Yarrow – A versatile medicinal herb

A couple weeks ago I wrote a column about Queen Anne’s lace. Someone brought in a sample the other day and inquired if it was the wild carrot or maybe the poisonous water hemlock. I smiled and told her it … Continue reading

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