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Cockleburs can cause more than just an inconvenience

I was walking around in the brush recently and noticed thick stands of cockleburs (Xanthium sp.). I tried to avoid them, but before I realized it my pants collected dozens. People with hunting dogs know all about cockleburs. Long-haired dogs … Continue reading

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Wood sorrels are edible clover lookalikes

I wish I had a dollar for every time I had to explain to a student the difference between clovers and wood sorrels. Having leaves with three equal blades does not make a plant a clover. We usually refer to … Continue reading

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Resident geese

I’m no fan of resident geese.  Canada geese are not supposed to stick around all summer. They are supposed to fly north in the spring. I do admit they’re pretty, and I like the honking call, but Northern Canada is … Continue reading

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