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Sometimes beauty is only skin deep

There are many plants in our landscape that we don’t want, at least in that location and we call them weeds. A major one in soybean and other crops is one from that same bean family. It’s called sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia). … Continue reading

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Clary Sage is an important crop in northeast North Carolina

Most folks have seen it from their vehicles.  Few likely know what it is or why it’s grown. Some might say that the flowers look like those of salvia. They’d be right. The plant in question is clary sage (Salvia … Continue reading

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Gaillardia is a great perennial plant to cut your water bill

Whether to save money or the environment, more people today are trying to conserve water in their landscape. We all are familiar with succulents that have thick fleshy leaves and/or stems. Other plants may not look like water misers but … Continue reading

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