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Bedstraw is an interesting and clingy winter weed

Have you ever entered an otherwise empty field in late winter or early spring and left with uninvited sticky stems clinging to your clothes? They are bedstraws and often find you before you find them. They find your pets too. … Continue reading

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A true geranium

Few people realize that those summer bedding plants with the round lily pad looking leaves and clusters of red, pink, salmon or white flowers are not actually true geraniums. They are more properly called Pelargoniums. We have a wild species … Continue reading

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Birdeye Speedwell

Winter is not a time for growing crops, but some plants thrive in it. If you take a walk around your neighborhood in winter you’ll see a delicate creeping vine with fuzzy leaves and stems and small blue flowers. It … Continue reading

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Wild but Mild – Common Chickweed

Now that cool weather is upon us common chickweed (Stellaria media) is everywhere. It’s that light green carpet-like weed with the tiny white flowers taking over flowerbeds and gardens right now. In fact, recent mild weather probably has facilitated exponential … Continue reading

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