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Ironweed is a dreaded pasture weed with ornamental potential

My father-in-law would turn over in his grave. Ironweed is now a highly promoted ornamental perennial plant in many garden centers. He spent much of his life trying to get rid of it. Ironweed (Vernonia sp.) is a tall perennial … Continue reading

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More and more people are discovering lemongrass

When we think of herbs, usually culinary uses come to mind first. We generally learn about other values later. Lemongrass is a fine example and the name fits. You can’t miss the lemon scent. Lemongrass contains chemicals used to repel … Continue reading

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Is there a more versatile plant than sage?

A discussion of perennial herbs wouldn’t be complete without including sage. There may not be a more versatile plant in the garden. Mostly that’s because there are so many different types of sage. They’re great to have in your garden … Continue reading

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Smartweed can leave your mouth smarting

Most damp partial sun to shady areas are filled with smartweed now. Plants have always been there but the fall weather makes them more prominent. Some have white flowers while others have pink. This herb has almost as many uses … Continue reading

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Devil’s walking stick

Anyone who has ventured into the fringes between fields and swamp or woods has seen this one. Devil’s Walking stick, (Aralia spinosa) also known as Hercules Club, prickly elder or prickly ash is a plant you’ll never forget. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Birdeye Speedwell

Winter is not a time for growing crops, but some plants thrive in it. If you take a walk around your neighborhood in winter you’ll see a delicate creeping vine with fuzzy leaves and stems and small blue flowers. It … Continue reading

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