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Leyland cypress is the mule of landscape material

We all know what a mule is. It’s a cross between a female horse (Equus caballus) and a male donkey (Equus asinus). Since the parents are different species the mule is sterile. Leyland cypress is a lot like that, except … Continue reading

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Yellow poplars are great shade trees but can also pose problems

Yellow poplars (Liriodendron tulipifera), also called tulip trees are tall straight fast-growing trees with great fall color. Trees often attain heights of a hundred feet or more. They also require little or no pruning to develop a uniform and dense … Continue reading

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Sweetgum is one of our most common wild and cultivated trees

Sweetgums are everywhere. Walk through any southern neighborhood and you’ll see them. Take a hike into any woodland in the southeastern United States and you’ll have no trouble finding them. One reason sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) is so prevalent in the wild is … Continue reading

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Groundsel tree

Groundsel tree October to November is the time of the year when cotton bales are seen in bunches as we drive to and from work. Despite that, there’s still a lot of white out there. Large feathery shrubs dominate the … Continue reading

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Invasive silk tree

It’s now in full bloom. Some think the flowers are gorgeous and want one in their yard. Maybe if they quit mowing their lawn they’d get their wish. The mimosa is that ‘Dr. Seuss-like’ tree with spreading branches and copious … Continue reading

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