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Joe-Pye weed is a pasture nightmare but a hot perennial ornamental

My father-in-law fought this weed voraciously. It would sometimes fill up the hillsides and bottoms, hiding his cattle. Sometimes it seemed the more he clipped it, the thicker it got. He would turn over in his grave if he saw … Continue reading

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Aromatic tree from down under

I recently pruned my eucalyptus tree (Eucalyptus polyanthemos) at school. It has grown into a gorgeous specimen in the last ten years or so. Several times I’ve been tempted to buy a stuffed koala to stick in its branches and … Continue reading

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Dog fennel

Everyone has seen those lacy fern-like spikes with the tiny daisy-like flowers in the summer. This time of year what’s left of the flowers turns white and they can be quite attractive if they are not invading our flowerbeds. This … Continue reading

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