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Pencil cactus is an interesting but poisonous houseplant

I get a lot of questions about poisonous plants. Many species, both interior, and exterior can contain poisonous chemicals. Most aren’t a major concern. In fact, many of our common houseplants are considered poisonous, but they are found everywhere. Often, … Continue reading

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Osage Orange – Nature’s Barbed Wire Fence

These trees aren’t as common as they used to be. Years ago, Osage-orange (Maclura pomifera) was a common landscape and fence line tree. Some people called them hedge apples, since they were often planted and maintained as a hedge. When … Continue reading

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Figs – Tasty Landscaping

One of the pleasures of living in the south is the plethora of plants we can grow in our yards. Growing up in Maine, I probably appreciate the diversity here more than most. When one is limited to plants that … Continue reading

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