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All pollen is not created equal

  I took a relaxing boat ride on the Perquimans river recently and noticed copious amounts of tree pollen floating on the water. I suspect much of it was from bald cypress trees since most loblolly and longleaf pine pollen … Continue reading

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Cattail pollen is a fleeting delicacy

A few years back I wrote a column about the survival uses of cattails (Typha latifolia). There are many. This time I want to focus only on cattail pollen. It has been shedding now for over a week and if … Continue reading

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When I was a kid my father told me that once the goldenrod bloomed summer was over. I always associated goldenrod with the start of school. In general this is true, but the genus Solidago has over a hundred species … Continue reading

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Cattails – Supermarket of the Swamp

In his book, Stalking the Wild Asparagus, the late Euell Gibbons referred to the lowly cattail as the “supermarket of the swamp.”  I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a field guide on wild foods that didn’t profile these wetland … Continue reading

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