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Dill is a useful herb, but many people struggle to grow it

Everyone has eaten dill pickles, by themselves or in salads or sandwiches. Some love them and some may not, but dill (Anethum graveolens) is a spice often overlooked. Many folks try to grow it in their herb gardens with varied … Continue reading

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Catnip and catmint are confusing cousins

To most folks they are interchangeable. Catnip and catmint are closely related perennial herbs in the mint family. If I had to state their greatest deference it would be that catmint has more ornamental value. Catnip is more of a … Continue reading

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Is there a more versatile plant than sage?

A discussion of perennial herbs wouldn’t be complete without including sage. There may not be a more versatile plant in the garden. Mostly that’s because there are so many different types of sage. They’re great to have in your garden … Continue reading

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Spicy Landscaping

Bay leaf has been a culinary staple dating back to ancient Greek civilizations. Cooks use it fresh or dry. Many won’t serve spaghetti sauce without it, but few grow their own. Bay leaves come from a medium to large evergreen … Continue reading

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Rosemary – A shrub of many uses

There is probably not a more versatile plant in our landscape than rosemary. It makes a great hedge, tolerates salt spray, dry sandy soils, smells great, has medicinal properties and is a tasty spice. This fragrant shrub lends itself to … Continue reading

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When I was a kid my father told me that once the goldenrod bloomed summer was over. I always associated goldenrod with the start of school. In general this is true, but the genus Solidago has over a hundred species … Continue reading

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Wild Violets

Our lawns are starting to green up well. Troublesome weeds are rearing their ugly heads also. Well, depending upon one’s perspective some are quite attractive. The common violet is a prime example. Those bright bluish-purple flowers and heart-shaped leaves would … Continue reading

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Dandelions aren’t all bad

As spring emerges yellow flowers do too, all over our yards. One is the buttercup, which is poisonous. The other is the dandelion. I’m no big fan of them, but I do realize they have their edible and medicinal merits. … Continue reading

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