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Comfrey is a plant of many misconceptions

Pick up any book on poisonous plants and comfrey will be in it. It is an old-time herb that has been used for centuries for various things. Some folks eat it. Some make tea. Some make topical medicines from it. … Continue reading

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Agrimony is more than just a sticky nuisance

Anyone who has ever taken a walk in a brushy pasture in fall has probably encountered agrimony (Agrimonia sp.). Often, people run into it before they see it. Before you realize, you’re covered with little spiny balls that stick to … Continue reading

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Pollination and pollinators are important for our environment

I’d say most people have little regard for pollinators at all. They might even think the world would be better if all these critters went extinct. Bees, wasps, beetles and the like are usually not among your average person’s list … Continue reading

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