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Some plants control the growth of other plants

Some plant species inhibit the growth of others. We’ve all heard people say that certain plants stop others from growing, but is there a scientific basis for it? There is and it’s called allelopathy. Allelopathy is when plants release chemicals … Continue reading

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Winter foraging can be fun and challenging

Collecting edibles near your home can be a satisfying and money-saving hobby. It’s fun realizing there are things right under your nose that are tasty and available in quantities needed for a family meal. Winter is a lean time of … Continue reading

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Black Walnut – Tree of Many Uses

Black walnut (Juglans nigra) is one of the most valuable native hardwood trees.  It has dark straight grained wood used for furniture and gunstocks.  If trunks are straight and no foreign material like nails are inside it likely would command … Continue reading

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