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Grape Holly is a shrub with winter appeal

Recently, someone asked me about shrubs that were showy in winter. Obviously, camellias fit that bill as do winterberry holly and a few others. Mahonia, often known as grape holly, is an underused adaptable shrub that also has winter attributes. … Continue reading

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Native yaupon holly makes a great landscape shrub and nutritious tea

Native landscape plants are gaining favor these days. Most people also desire shrubbery that requires little water and has few pest or disease problems. We also like plants that tolerate rough handling and improper pruning. Yaupon holly is commonly found … Continue reading

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Fortune Tea Olive has unmatched fall fragrance

Sometimes spotting the fragrant plant is easy. Magnolias and gardenias have very conspicuous flowers. Nobody could miss them. Fortune tea olive is different. Clusters of tiny white flowers are tucked among the foliage. They’re easy for our eyes to miss. … Continue reading

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Spicy Landscaping

Bay leaf has been a culinary staple dating back to ancient Greek civilizations. Cooks use it fresh or dry. Many won’t serve spaghetti sauce without it, but few grow their own. Bay leaves come from a medium to large evergreen … Continue reading

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