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Much of our landscaping has been hit hard by cold weather

Ever since the first of the year we’ve experienced strange weather in eastern North Carolina. A few days have been warm. We’ve even seen temperatures in the 70s, but most of it has been cold. Many folks have experienced frozen … Continue reading

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Aroma of lilacs

Every spring I look forward to my lilacs. I have a clump each of purple and white. Their bloom is short lived but is worth every breath. My apologies to gardenia, jasmine, magnolia, osmanthus and a few others, but lilac … Continue reading

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Fortune Tea Olive has unmatched fall fragrance

Sometimes spotting the fragrant plant is easy. Magnolias and gardenias have very conspicuous flowers. Nobody could miss them. Fortune tea olive is different. Clusters of tiny white flowers are tucked among the foliage. They’re easy for our eyes to miss. … Continue reading

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