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Aronia is a native super-fruit

A few years ago I wrote a column about chokeberries. They were common in the places I picked blueberries in Maine. Huckleberries were too, and they’re great, so maybe they can be a future column. The Genus name for chokeberry … Continue reading

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Take a walk on the edge of the woods in the fall, particularly near an old cemetery or abandoned landscape. Your eyes will likely zone in on some iridescent purple to magenta berries. They encircle the stems in clusters and … Continue reading

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If anyone has experience with this shrub they know how aggressive the sharp thorns can be. Pyracantha (Pyracantha coccinea), otherwise known as firethorn, is a climbing woody shrub that produces bright reddish orange berry-like fruits. They persist late into the … Continue reading

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Invasive Olives

Some landscaping can just be too adaptable.  The genus Eleagnus is a good example.  They make beautiful accent shrubs with pleasant fall aroma.  The undersides of the leaves have a silvery color that almost dances in the wind.  Oblong fruits … Continue reading

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Edible Landscaping

Sometimes when your landscaping goes to seed it creates a smelly and unsightly mess.  Other times it can just be an added benefit.  The flowering crabapple is a good example here. Crabapples, (Malus sp.), make a gorgeous small specimen tree … Continue reading

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