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Sweetfern is a spicy northern cousin

I was trimming a wax myrtle the other day when I caught a whiff of its sweet fragrance. It reminded me of my many treks through the Maine wild landscape. Walking through waist-high patches of sweetfern gave my clothes an … Continue reading

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Rosemary – A shrub of many uses

There is probably not a more versatile plant in our landscape than rosemary. It makes a great hedge, tolerates salt spray, dry sandy soils, smells great, has medicinal properties and is a tasty spice. This fragrant shrub lends itself to … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Waxmyrtle

Today we take much of our surroundings for granted.  We never stop to think how essential our natural resources used to be for everyday life.  Our own wellbeing depends much more on the resourcefulness of others rather than that of … Continue reading

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