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Dill is a useful herb, but many people struggle to grow it

Everyone has eaten dill pickles, by themselves or in salads or sandwiches. Some love them and some may not, but dill (Anethum graveolens) is a spice often overlooked. Many folks try to grow it in their herb gardens with varied … Continue reading

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Honey has many sweet uses

Nearly everyone has used honey as a sweetener. It is far sweeter per gram than table sugar. That means fewer calories per serving. About thirty-five years ago I remember watching my future father-in-law dehorning cattle. After tying off exposed bleeding … Continue reading

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Thyme is a versatile garden herb.

I think thyme is one of the most underused garden herbs. Of course thyme is a broad term as there are dozens of thyme species and even more cultivars within them. Some are upright. Others are creeping. All have culinary … Continue reading

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Nasturtiums are colorful flowers with many uses

Nasturtium is an annual plant with attractive flowers and unique looking lily pad-like leaves. It’s easy to grow and totally safe around children. Leaves and flowers are both edible. Nasturtiums thrive in sunny locations on infertile soil. Strangely enough, high … Continue reading

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Sometimes pretty things should be left alone. The buttercup fits that description. It’s very recognizable and grows everywhere. Every spring, young kids pick these attractive yellow flowers with five petals and play with them. I remember holding them under each … Continue reading

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